Is Travel Ventures International or TVI Lucrative Or Not?

Lately there’s been a lot of hype about a company that’s based out of England called Travel Ventures International or TVI. This article has one question to answer: Is it lucrative or not? Several areas we will look at to determine if it’s lucrative; first it’s track record, then the product and finally the profit potential. Before we begin I want it to be completely understood that I am in no way connected with the company although I have worked in direct sales and the travel industry since July 2005.

Travel Ventures International or TVI makes some great claims which any good company should. As a company it appears on the outside to have performed well so far. But for a company to be considered lucrative it has to have a lasting track record. One of the biggest concerns about a company is that you start to create a lucrative income and then it goes bankrupt or disappears. Travel Ventures International or TVI has not been around long enough yet to prove it can break a few issues that concern many looking from the outside. The company openly brags about how much it pays out somewhere around 70% of income is paid out to distributors. The biggest issue is since Travel Ventures International is a MLM company not a “Direct Sales Company” which they suggest, historically an MLM company that pays out more than 70% tends to have liquidity issues and eventually financial trouble. Only a long term track record will tend to diminish that concern as the company continues to grow.

The Travel Ventures International product appears to be a discount membership which you pay for upfront and monthly. They have some of the same connections that other travel MLM’s have and if you travel then paying for their monthly membership may be worth it. Currently since the company does not have much value in the product it’s only $250 dollars which does not leave a lot of room for it to be lucrative. Of course they are going to show you how much money you make recruiting others which is okay if that’s what you want. Millionaires have been created through MLM but the profit does not come from just your individual efforts so being lucrative will rely on who is in your down line. Personally I prefer much higher upfront profits along with leveraged efforts.

Finally the profit potential, can Travel Ventures International or TVI be lucrative? Absolutely while it is definitely a challenge and will depend on who you recruit in your down line it can be just as lucrative as any other MLM. The biggest hindrance to TVI is that they are not true direct sales. True direct sales allow for high valued products with large upfront commissions and safety comes not with vendors every company has quality vendors but long term track records. If you join TVI make sure you give it 110% no matter what.

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Traveling To International Shores

No longer are business enterprise transactions supposed to take place primarily on a national scale. To consider the business community as being an international neighborhood is in step with the industries of this century. And this means that you could easily see your own self flying to another country so that you can carry out the business of your organization. And international traveling takes several preparation.

Long before you arrange your flights to travel abroad, you will need to ensure you get your documentation in order so that you can pass through customs and get on your way. Because of increased security, an up-to-date passport has become necessary to even visit nearby countries. As a result of the increased requirement of passports, it takes more time to get that records together so arrange early to be able to secure your own passport to make sure you don’t come up short when it’s time to do your offshore business.

Furthermore, do not forget that a visa is necessary to go to certain cities. So when you organize the business conferences, determine from your own contact at the destination country what exactly is needed. To be able to have a visa, you will need to have had your current passport not less than six months. In addition, you should have an original copy of an invitation from your host in the destination location. Those documents are going to be delivered to the local embassy of your destination location in order to get your visa issued to you. So prepare these steps in case a visa is needed for your trip.

Beside the legal papers, health issues are generally second in consideration to focus on for a productive business travel. You may need to get your vaccinations updated for some locations of your travel. Seek advice from your personal doctor so you are prepared. Do some preparation for the unexpected probability that you will have a health emergency overseas. This is a setting in which travel insurance is a great idea. If you are hurt or have a very severe illness overseas, you will need that kind of help to be able to have health care and also to get transported back home to get long-term care.

Also be certain your own clinical records can be obtained and duplicated in several places in case you become separated from them. You want to be able to access insurance policy information, information regarding treatment you will need and emergency contacts even though you may loose almost everything overseas. One method of doing that will be to scan critical papers and save all of them on the Internet inside a file that you could access from any location.